The product portfolio of the company Nervostrong Medica consists of 4 products. Our portfolio is small, but this does not prevent us from reaching high results. It only emphasises the high quality and effectiveness of our products and our company's attitude to development and promotion of its products, without copying from others and creating thoughtless analogues.


Nervostrong is the first product of our company, which was launched in 2010. A Baltic brand born in Latvia. Nervostrong is the flagship of the company Nervostrong Medica. Over the past 5 years, the sales of Nervostrong in Latvia exceeded the sales of valerian tincture, which made Nervostrong the best-selling product in the segment of over-the-counter medicines for the nervous system. As of today, Nervostrong is sold in almost all pharmacies of the Baltic States, and a unit Nervostrong is sold every three minutes in Latvia on average.
Nervostrong is a sedative that strengthens the nervous system.
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Valeron is the second product of our company, introduced on the medicine market in 2011. Valeron is a medicine normalising the heart rate and cardiac function, it is based on extracts and vitamins. Valeron quickly gained the trust and recognition of doctors, pharmacists and patients and became one of the top-selling cardiac medicines.
Valeron sets a steady pace for your heart.
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Termobronx is an innovative product from Nervostrong Medica. Termobronx is an instant hot herbal drink to treat colds and coughs. Before Termobronx became available in pharmacies, one could buy either a soluble hot drink to treat colds – with a chemical composition based on paracetamol – or a herbal tea that had to be properly brewed, which is inconvenient, and not everyone likes the taste. Termobronx solves this issue.
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Ferofemin is a medicine containing microcapsulated iron, developed specifically for women and enhanced with vitamins and trace elements for improved iron absorption and metabolism. Ferofemin helps maintain normal iron levels and effectively cope with iron deficiency in women.
Ferofemin – an iron formula for women.
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